Health Edit

Taking care of your character is no longer eating some food, drinking some water, and applying a dozen bandages. Now you must take care of bullet wounds, bone breaks of fractures, poisonings and infections, and more, with special medical items designed to treat each, just like in real life.

Body Parts Edit

Each body part plays a part in the movement of your character- and if any part is wounded or critically injured, your character will feel it, and respond accordingly.

- Leg injured(Left/Right) : Slower movement, limping, more critical damage can cause brief blackouts with every step.

- Arm injured(Left/right) : Slower reload, decreased accuracy and reaction time, and more.

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- Head injured : Blurred or blacked out vision, and other possible effects.

- Chest injured : Recoil increases.

- Stomach injured : Eating and drinking could lead to other damage, and might not be as 'effective'.