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"Amidst the chaos and lawlessness, scarcity of vital provisions and territories, the first to lift up their heads are shady characters, unembarrassed by excessive moral or ethical restraints or quick to lose them under influence of conditions. They gather into packs, living by dog-eat-dog rules, cutting each other throats over a better piece. This is how yesterday's civilians become Scavs."
"Armed gangs- more commonly known as "Scavs" (Scavengers)- are the locals of Tarkov, people who stayed behind to take advantage of the chaos. They are generally hostile to both USEC and BEAR, and will shoot on sight. However, some gangs are neutral, and will fire only when you pose a threat.
In-game, you can play as a scavenger in a USEC or BEAR raid. You start with randomized health, gear, and weapons, and are tasked with fighting the other BEAR/USEC players with your gang. Provided that you survive the raid, you get to transfer all your scavengers' items to your main BEAR/USEC character."

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